We support Heifer

We support Heifer

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O’NEST contributes to a healthier snack market by using organic grown ingredients only. Our recipes contain less fat than regular chips and are prepared with sunflower oil.  But also the products are low in added sugar and are vegan and free from gluten. The seasonings are accessible for every snack consumer.

They’re simply delicious.​ ​Besides that, O’NEST donates part of the revenues to the HEIFER organisation.

About Heifer

More than 800 million people go to bed hungry every night. That is unacceptable. And unnecessary. With the right tools, training and opportunities, this can be changed. Heifer supports farming families so they can:

– Eat of the land,
– Live of the land, and
– Care for the land.

By working together with farmers this way, sustainable and resilient communities emerge that can overcome adversity by their own strength.

Learn more about Heifer’s work at www.heifer.nl/en