Great Taste,
Organic Choice

Our O’Nest chips

Round chickpea chips

Made from 40% chickpeas these crunchy chips will fulfill your snack craving. Nicely seasoned with a mild curry flavour.

Square lentil chips

Lentils and rosemary are best friends on these tasteful chips. Munching has never been more healthier and great tasting.

Waved quinoa chips
Sweet Chili

These guilt-free chips are made with quinoa and chia seeds. The sweet chili flavour goes perfectly with the quinoa taste.

Let’s be O’NEST about our ingredients

All our chips are organic, gluten free and vegan-friendly with no artificial stuff added.


Chickpeas are a pulse that is high in protein, fibres and vitamin B6. We get our chickpea flour from organic farms in Italy.

Sweet Chili

Quinoa is a seed with a great source of proteins minerals and vitamins. Most of the quinoa comes from the Andes mountains high up in Peru and Ecuador.


Lentils are also a pulse and are high in protein, fibres and iron. We get our lentil flour from organic farms in France, Turkey and Canada.

We support Heifer

Heifer is committed to a world with enough food, healthy nutrition and a living income for everyone. O’NEST supports Heifer in this mission.

For every bag of chips sold a donation is made to Heifer. Heifer trains and supports small scale African farmers and their families to develop sustainable agriculture. With this people are empowered to overcome hunger and poverty and realize an income they can live from (of: living income).

Want to learn more? We support Heifer